Luxury Redefined: Frilluxe Collection Unveiled by Kicky and Perky

Kicky and Perky
Luxury Redefined: Frilluxe Collection Unveiled by Kicky and Perky

The magnificent Frilluxe Collection is the pinnacle of modern grandeur and elegance, created by the legendary designers from Kicky and Perky. This gorgeous collection includes a variety of expertly made accessories that radiate luxury. The alluring Curlicue Ruby Earrings and the brilliant Flounce Rose Gold Earrings are just two examples of the exquisitely crafted jewelry that will captivate your senses. The Floral Jacket Earrings with Stoned Stud by Bella Frilluxe are the ideal fusion of contemporary design and ageless beauty. This collection displays a symphony of posh attractiveness with the glittering Eleganza Blossom Pendant and the airy Moissanite Flower Rose Gold bracelet. This collection, which is completed by Iridescent Fringe and Enchanted Cascade Earrings, represents the height of luxury and enjoyment.

Kicky & Perky, a luminous beacon in the world of jewellery, illuminates the fashion landscape with its illustrious presence. Founded in 2022 by a trio of visionaries, Preeti Khandelwal, Aditi Khandelwal, and Shalini Khandelwal, this brand stands as a paragon of timeless elegance and masterful artistry. Kicky & Perky has garnered acclaim from discerning customers, celebrities, and even royalty, boasting endorsements from luminaries like Zoya Afroz, Tejasswi Prakash, and Barkha Singh. The brand, currently available on esteemed platforms like Amazon and Myntra, envisions a future where it expands its footprint to Tier 1 and Tier 2 towns and establishes over 100 outlets in India by 2026. It also aspires to leave an indelible international mark by 2024.

With a diverse repertoire of over 200 designs and the promise of five new luxurious collections, including FRILLUXE, Kicky & Perky Jewels is more than jewellery; it’s a symphony of artistry, passion, and timeless allure. Each piece is not just captivating; it’s a cherished treasure, an ode to the brand’s vision of catapulting Indian fashion to global acclaim.

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