Maggi’s new ad campaign “Health ko mazedaar banana ka ek aur tarika” with Madhuri Dixit


June 12, 2014” Nestle India has released a new ad campaign for its instant noodles brand Maggi. The new campaign “Health ko mazedaar banana ka ek aur tarika” is conceptualized and designed by Publicis Capital and features Bollywood actor Madhuri Dixit Nene. The ad which gives a altogether new positioning to Maggi is a bit different from the theme that it has been using. The earlier ads of Maggi used to feature the Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachhan. The new advertisement campaign of Maggi talks about the present day lifestyle of children where they are reluctant in having proper food and focuses on their mothers.

About the launch of new campaign Shivani Hegde, General Manager (foods), Nestlé India was quoted as saying, “The question for us was to see how we could use our expertise and our insights about human behaviour and consumption preferences to help mothers make their kids healthy. The answer came with the simple concept ‘Health ko mazedaar banaao’. Using this as the central idea, Maggi will now lead the way to inspire kids and support mothers to make the pursuit of health enjoyable.” The theme of the new ad focuses on the whole idea that physical activity and healthy diets are two very important ingredients of health. Nowadays it is like mostly kids like to be at home and play with different gadgets instead of going out and play but mothers on the other hand are trying to encourage their children to go out and play.

The new TVC from Nestle for Maggi shows couple of kids who are playing video games getting surprised by the noise of someone playing in their ground. They find out that it is their mothers who are playing and this leads to a ‘challenge game’ of soccer. After the game the son of Madhuri says that he is hungry and she says two minutes. While preparing noodles she is seen stressing that Maggi veg atta has fibre qualities of three rotis and then she signs of by saying that “Health ko mazedaar banane ka ek aur tarika”.

With the new campaign featuring soccer coinciding with the Football World Cup being held in Brazil, this new ad is surely going to gather some eyeballs.

MAGGI #HealthIsEnjoyable ad with Madhuri Dixit

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