Mahindra Lifespaces launches ad film: Captures Lockdown moments at Home


The real estate and infrastructure development arm of the Mahindra Group, the Mahindra Lifespaces has launched a new ad film that captures the treasured joys, happiness, and memories created at home during the lockdown. The ad urges people to hold on to lockdown memories with families rediscovering the joy of daily routine and cherished interactions with loved ones. The ad reflects the simple golden memories and joyful moments that will be missed once life goes back to normal post lockdown, where people are busy with their daily work schedules.

The film was conceived by Network Advertising and entirely self-shot by real families across Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Bhopal. The film was shot over three days under remote supervision, edited and mixed remotely. The longing we will have for our homes, as we inch towards normalcy and go out for work reflects a basic human insight. We will miss what we all experienced at home during this lockdown. This ad is actually is sharing the positivity, reminiscing fondly of the days we would call ‘those were the days.’ The ad saying the lockdown can be a boon for strengthening family ties while staying homes.

Mahindra Lifespaces has released 2 films as part of a campaign to celebrate shared community experiences and joyful homecomings. Network Advertising has conceptualized and created a series of digital films for Mahindra Lifespaces after the lockdown, as part of efforts to encourage social distancing and staying at home. They have used the first film in the series to highlight the importance of space as a means to keep oneself safe, while also protecting our community as a whole.

‘Is Ghar Ki Bohot Yaad Aayegi’ brings us our own ‘Joyful Homecoming’ experiences. They are keeping touch with customers and clients in this unprecedented time through network advertising. Through this campaign, designed by India’s top digital agencies, Mahindra Lifespaces says regardless of one’s definition of the ‘family’, it is the act of coming home to the ones you love that makes for a “joyful homecoming”.


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