Content Marketing- How to Measure It?


Content marketing is a kind of marketing that a company could do which involves creating content such as videos, social media posts, and blogs then sharing them in the community to induce interest on its products and services without directly promoting its brand.

In this diverse world, every company/organization needs to cope up with new changes and build up innovative ideas that could bring in revenue. Thus, advertising of its products and services in the market effectively to increase awareness among people, building trust and likability is an essential part and also measuring its efficiency and tracking it down regularly is important.

Advantages of content:

  • It’s the key element of a digital marketing crusade.
  • Sharing of content in social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn could be done for a wider reach.
  • Awareness of the products in the market could be increased.
  • With good rankings in the search engine, the company would get an upper hand amid other competitors.
  • Contents help in convincing customers to buy products.

Advantages of content in digital marketing crusade and measuring them:


Relevant and attractive content could cushion up customer engagement, through likes, comments, and shares this could be studied through the ton a metrics and AI-based analytic tools available.

Brand awareness:

Brand awareness can be increased through more people reading and sharing the content. In social media like Facebook, Instagram they provide certain free analytic tools which in use could provide great insights.A

Search engine:

The pages would get better ranking in the search engines as more users read, share, and use the content.


Brilliant content marketing strategy and timely posting of such contents mean that more customers get attracted and interested in buying the products, eventually bringing in revenue. But tracking is necessary to know if our strategy is working or a flop.

With all the above being stated a company should never forget to measure the success of its content marketing strategy it should always be checked and reshaped when needed. Here given below are some metrics that could be used to measure them using analytics and data provided by the insights received;

  • To measure the effectiveness of content on brand awareness, the company should track all the likes, views, comments, downloads, website traffic, page views.
  • To find the customer engagement tracking of comments, shares, forwards, likes, tweets should be noted.
  • To determine the effect of content on company sales, tracking online transactions, offline sales, manual reporting must be done.
  • To track cross-sell transactions from content marketing monitoring of new products and services is a must.

Thus, taking up content marketing seriously, and doing it efficiently would bring many benefits right at your company’s doorstep.


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