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Premia Academy guides students in dealing with Conflict resolution in Friendships

Hyderabad 5th August 2022: The Premia Academyan emerging educational institution has hosted a session on “Voice of Wisdom” in collaboration with The Next Mile (a platform founded by Bhargavi Reddy that heightens the quality of kids’ lives and their future goals). The event was organized in light of Friendship’s Day and focused on conflict resolution among the peer group and helping them maintain healthy friendships, making them more empathetic and responsible citizens.

In an attempt to teach children conflict resolution Premia Academy organised an interactive workshop to check on today’s children’s receptiveness to the ideas of empathy and progressive problem-solving within the peer group. The workshop focused on friendships, acceptance, peer pressure, and other tools for conflict management. The students participated actively and were excited throughout the event, connecting it to the upcoming Friendships Day and sharing issues they face with their friends. Dealing with conflict is a lifelong skill that everyone should have. It’s especially important for today’s children, who can face conflict not only in person but also online in the modern world.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Sindhuri Reddy, Director, The Premia Academy said, “Children must remain positive, patient, and sincere and learn to manage conflicting situations within their peer groups. The most important thing to remember is that conflicts are usually a result of varying opinions, interests, and thought processes. Conflicts can be healthy. But with the right conflict resolution skills, they can strengthen relations and even help us to be more open-minded.

Expressing confidence over the event’s success, Ms Trupti Rao, Principal, The Premia Academy said, “It is crucial for children to learn conflict resolution techniques so that they can cooperate and compromise with others. The opportunity to disagree with someone allows you to learn more about yourself, understand another’s point of view, and build constructive and healthy friendships. Good communication skills, including the ability to listen, are critical to conflict resolution.”

Anjali Kariappa, Founder, SpringUP and Juhi Tayel, Freelance Consultant, SpringUp, are seasoned experts with diversity and inclusion as their core values conducted the workshop focused on friendships and conflict resolution. In addition to helping children master their emotional and social skills, their transformational programs also improve their ability to cope with a variety of situations while adapting and thriving.