Manforce Condoms celebrates Father’s Day in continuation with #BetterEndings Campaign


During the second wave of COVID- 19, couples were avoiding to step out because of the spread of virus which resulted in spending a lot of time together with each other. The emotions and hormones are at an all-time high and any slight hint can lead to the land of pleasure. In continuation to the situation since last year, Manforce condoms has launched the season 2 of the #BetterEndings campaign on Father’s Day.

The campaign video revolves around all the fun that people were having during the lockdown days but also warning them against the fatherhood situation that they will land up in if they do not use protection.

The film has a very quirky and fun approach where it showcases different situations of the husband helping his wife in household chores and varied situations. The fun part is that every dialogue ends by asking WHO’s YOUR DADDY?, with one common message at end of  a child crying. The campaign has a very strong message but in a light and fun way, for all those who don’t like the ending and the parenthood that follows with unplanned pregnancy, to be safe and use protection.

Commenting on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, DGM, Mankind Pharma, said, “Safe intimate relations has always been our core message to our consumers. The situations between last year and this year remain similar and hence the thought of  the continuation of our #BetterEndings campaign. The concept and thought behind the campaign remains the same, it’s an initiative to reach out to the masses to keep them informed that we all should have our share of fun but be cautious and take necessary protection.”

Both the seasons of the #BetterEndings campaign have been conceptualized and executed by Grapes Digital. Shradha Agarwal, COO and Strategy Head, Grapes Digital says, “Keeping in mind the lockdown in the second wave of COVID- 19, we were still seeing a rise in quarantine babies. Based on our research and the current situation, we continued with our Season 2 of the campaign, keeping the core message intact. This is the best occasion to warn men against the fatherhood situation that they will land in if they do not use protection.”

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