Mankind Pharma Unveils TV Commercial for GasOFast, Featuring Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta in Their First-Ever Collaboration


National, 4th July: Mankind Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company, is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new TV commercial for GasOFast, featuring the dynamic duo of veteran actors Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta. This unique collaboration marks the first time ever that these two iconic actors are being presented opposite each other on screen.

GasOFast, a revolutionary product by Mankind Pharma, is an antacid that offers a distinctive blend of ingredients like Svajiksara & Nimbukamlam (Ayurvedic form of sodium bicarbonate) and Asli Jeera, providing a distinct Jeera flavour. GasOFast aims to provide instant relief from acidity-related discomfort, offering a natural and effective solution to consumers by travelling directly to the source of acidity and gas, neutralising the acid on contact. 

The TV commercial for GasOFast takes a refreshing approach by infusing a dash of humor into a relatable slice-of-life story between an elderly couple. The witty banter and the on-screen chemistry between Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta adds a playful element, ensuring that the content resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. The commercial’s clever narrative showcases the everyday struggles of a couple and highlights how GasOFast can bring relief and comfort in their lives.

In addition to the TV commercial, Mankind Pharma is adopting a 360-degree marketing campaign to maximize its reach. Simultaneous radio and digital campaigns will be launched alongside extensive offline engagements, including vehicular branding on buses, billboards, bus stops, and train stations. By leveraging multiple platforms, Mankind Pharma aims to ensure that the message of GasOFast reaches a wide audience, creating awareness and driving adoption of this innovative product.

Regarding the campaign Paresh Rawal said, “The present-day lifestyle of most people, gives rise to a lot of health issues like acidity, gas and indigestion, which are the most common problems faced by the masses; but to one’s surprise people do not pay any heed to such problems. In order to create awareness around these issues we collaborated with Gas-O-Fast to encourage the audience to take a wholesome ayurvedic remedy for quick relief.”

Neena Gupta said, “We see that when it comes to acidity, gas & indigestion problems, people tend to neglect the issue considering it to be a minuscule problem. However, it can lead to persistent discomfort throughout the day and can even give rise to serious health issue in the end. Hence, taking the message PAN India, the TVC with Gas-O-Fast enumerates the benefits of resorting to the antacid brand in the most fun and engaging way.”

Speaking about the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, AVP Sales & Marketing, Mankind Consumer Products, said, “We are thrilled to unveil this entertaining TV commercial for GasOFast, featuring the incredible pairing of Paresh Rawal and Neena Gupta. By combining the rich heritage of Ayurveda with the power of Asli Jeera, GasOFast offers a unique solution for gas-related issues. The humorous narrative of the commercial allows us to connect with consumers on a personal level, making the campaign relatable and memorable.”

The TV commercial for GasOFast has premiered on 3rd July, on major television & news channels across the country, captivating audiences with its comedic brilliance and compelling storyline. Mankind Pharma invites viewers to experience the magic of GasOFast and discover a natural remedy for discomfort arising out of acidity.