Mankind Pharma’s Revolutionary AI Marketing Campaign, Starring Popular Actress Anushka Sharma, Elevates Prega News Reach and Impact


Mumbai, 11th August, 2023 – Mankind Pharma, a reputed global pharmaceutical company, recently unveiled its groundbreaking AI-powered marketing campaign, featuring popular Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma, as the face of their trusted pregnancy detection brand, Prega News. The innovative campaign aims to revolutionize the way the brand reaches its audience and reinforces Prega News’ reputation as a reliable choice for pregnancy testing.

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The primary focus of this campaign is to target pharmacies and essential retail partners who significantly contribute to boosting the visibility and sales of pregnancy detection kits among consumers. Leveraging the power of AI, Mankind Pharma endeavors to create a personalized connection with lakhs of pharma outlets across the country.

The foundation of the campaign is the utilization of an AI-driven digital avatar of Anushka Sharma, who exclusively endorses individual pharmacies. Through this personalized approach, Mankind Pharma ensures that each outlet receives a personalized advertisement via WhatsApp. This personalized touch fosters a strong bond between the brand, the pharmacy, and its customers, amplifying the reach of Prega News among its audience. 

Additionally, Mankind Pharma executes localized YouTube video ads for pharmacies by using their PIN code to ensure that customers were directed to the nearest shop to purchase Prega News. This strategic move aims to enhance business visibility and popularity for individual outlets. The overwhelmingly positive response from the pharmacies exceeded expectations, reinforcing Mankind Pharma’s commitment to employing cutting-edge technology in their marketing endeavors. 

Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mankind Consumer Healthcare Division said, “We are immensely proud of the success of our landmark AI campaign for Prega News. This innovative initiative has not only strengthened our bond with our valued retail partners but has also enabled us to touch the lives of countless consumers across the nation. At Mankind Pharma, we remain committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive positive change in the healthcare industry and empower our customers with trusted solutions.”

The AI-driven campaign engages pharmacies and extends their reach to their customers, friends, and family through social sharing. By encouraging pharmacies to share personalized ads, the campaign expands its reach, resulting in significant brand awareness.

As the pharmaceutical industry continues to embrace advancements in AI technology, Mankind Pharma remains at the forefront, constantly striving to deliver innovative solutions that empower their partners and benefit the lives of consumers.