Marico’s hands over creative mandate of “Veggie Clean” to Mullen Lintas


Mullen Lintas, the creative new agency of the MullenLowe Lintas group has acquired the  marketing mandate of Marico’s recently launched product Veggie Clean. 

The agency will be responsible for positioning the new brand in the market, executing its launch, and building Veggie Clean’s strong, sustainable communication and advertising strategy. The full-service creative mandate also involves creating strong digital marketing strategies for enhancing the brand’s presence across several digital, social and e-commerce platforms.

Currently the agency also handles Saffola, Marico’s edible oil brand.

In the current situation of a global pandemic the concerns regarding infections and diseases has risen significantly. Taking note of the situation, Marico Ltd entered into the fruit and vegetable hygiene category and launched Veggie Clean, a product to disinfect fresh produce. The 100 percent natural and unique Veggie Clean is said to remove bacteria, germs harmful waxes and toxic chemicals found on the surface of vegetables and fruits. The product, which is free of soap, does not contain any preservatives, alcohol and chlorine.

Veggie Clean is an industry-first innovation and was launched as a result of a shift in consumer habits and consumption, with an increasing focus on both personal and domestic hygiene. Consumers have shifted from simply rinsing the produce with water to using such kitchen hygiene products on a day-to-day basis.

Recently, Marico had also launched Mediker, a hand sanitizer and entered the hand hygiene segment in India. Marico also launched a hand wash and hand sanitizer in Bangladesh.  

Through this collaboration, Marico’s Veggie Clean seeks to attain a secure position in the market and to develop and maintain a strong online presence using comprehensive campaigns on several channels.

Mullen Lintas, the Mumbai-headquartered agency, has also developed several popular advertising campaigns for its clients and provides various services including advertising, marketing communications, digital solutions, full service, public relations etc.

As per Hari Krishnan, CEO, Mullen Lintas, the agency will take up the task of generating a permanent position for the product across the several kitchens in India. The agency will develop strategies revolving around the brand idea and will focus on spreading the brand’s message.


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