[Marketing Concepts]41 Social media metrics


Social media metrics is the measure to track the impact of social media activities of a company. Generally, there is no definite set of metrics followed by companies. Different companies use different types of social media metrics to measure their overall performance on popular social media networking sites. As of now there are 41 social different metrics used by companies such as:

  1. Audience metrics: This metrics measure the count of the people who joined a community of particular brand. For Facebook total like and shares are measured, for twitters and Pinterest the count of followers are measured and for Youtube the subscribers are measured.
  2. Social Listening and Monitoring: This metrics identifies engagement opportunities in the social media for the brand. The metrics also measure the brand perception across the network by analyzing whether the audience is responding to the brands message positively or negatively.

There are more to the list. Learn about the 41 social media metrics by following the link.