[Marketing Concepts]Guerrilla marketing


Guerrilla marketing is referred to as the unconventional method used by the marketers to generate the buzz for their products or services. The term Guerrilla marketing was coined by the Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984.  In his book Guerrilla marketing, the term is defined as the use of unconventional ways of advertising, use of small budgets and larger imagination to capture the attention of the consumers. Think out of the box is the slogan for Guerrilla marketing.  Example of guerrilla marketing is an ad that you find in the washroom of a multiplex. The basic rule of the concept is that the advertising should be based on the consumer psychology and not on the experience, judgement and guess work of the consumer. Guerrilla marketing tactics are different from the typical traditional marketing strategies. The unconventional means of advertising grabs the attention of the consumers.

Examples Guerrilla marketing