Marketing Tokyo Olympic 2020 digitally


The 2020 Tokyo Olympic will always remain in the history books since it is the first time that the Olympic Games are postponed due to the global pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic delay ensures that it is now the longest-marketed Games – a reality that poses a whole host of unparalleled challenges.

Recently has appointed Christopher Carroll as the International Olympic Committee as the director of digital engagement. Christopher is an experienced marketer who has served in Global companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken, and Under Armour. He is now appointed in digital engagement by IOC when it understood that digital soon will be the arena that will completely change Tokyo 2020 in 2021.

In an interview with Drum, he said, “We had to be able not only to talk but also to walk the walk when it came to people”. Carroll’s team will take more responsibility for driving excitement around this time whereas the third party will try to get the best and most value out of the property.

Speaking in the interview he also mentioned that on the ‘Stronger Together campaign’ shares the platform ‘Stronger Together’ shares little of the output for 2019, but there is still a renewed emphasis on fitness and cohesion.

From Instagram to twitter Olympic Games are trying to connect with players through these stages. On Twitter, a drive personalized Olympic Flame emoji and torch lighting ceremonies. The company P&G just extended its partnership with IOC and other companies are also waiting to get a partnership.

As a partner for experiences, Airbnb, a new entrant into space, was a particular cause for concern. The business, built around travel, accommodation, and experience, was probably deprived of physical activation and was due to a serious rethink. The experiences of virtual athletes are funneled through the app. “It never dreamed of having to adopt such a digitally-led approach,” Carroll added.

Most people around the world like the Olympics, or at least they like some of the events. And the role of Carroll is to conform to all content needs – in format, channel, and local preferences the need is to get the right events to the right individuals.

Christopher Carroll in the interview also mentioned the marketing lessons learned from his roles so far, stating, “You need to live agile, live the fans’ lives”. He urged people to market themselves by putting their feet in the shoes of their customers before making any decisions.


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