Arguments between ITC and Godfrey Phillips over ‘Flake’


The Bombay High Court has limited Godfrey Phillips (India) from assembling, disseminating, or selling it’s ‘Select’ cigarette brand with the ‘Flake’ brand name till further requests, allowing help to match ITC which had guaranteed that it encroached upon its own ‘Flake Refined Taste’ brand.

Not long ago, the Kolkata-based tobacco creator had moved toward the Bombay HC looking to limit the Modi Enterprises lead from encroaching its copyright and enrolled brand name ‘Flake’, which it said had net deals of around Rs. 6,603 crores during the money related the year 2018-19.

ITC said the Mumbai-based organization had propelled ‘deceptively similar’ bundling in its ‘Select’ image, to piggyback on the famous ‘Flake’ cigarette brand.

Even though Godfrey Phillips had been selling cigarettes under the ‘Select’ brand name utilizing an alternate bundling/mark and exchange dress for quite a long time, it ‘purposely received’ a significant multiplication of ITC’s creative work in December 2019, it had contended under the watchful eye of the court.

On Tuesday, Justice BP Colabawalla conceded interval help to ITC, seeing that Godfrey Phillips had not explained changing from its image name in white against a red scenery, to composing the brand name in red against a white background – indistinguishable from the shading plan of ITC’s ‘Flake Refined Taste’.

Prior, ITC’s senior counsel Ravi Kadam had contended under the watchful eye of the court that the “utilization of the words ‘Flake Premium’ beneath the respondent’s image name (Select) is reminiscent of the imprint ‘Flake’ of the offended party (ITC) and the reproved pack, as an exchange dress for the litigant’s (Godfrey Phillips) item, is therefore obviously misleadingly like the ‘Flake Refined Taste’ (of ITC).”

Countering the cases, Senior Counsel Veerendra Tulzapurkar, who showed up for Godfrey Phillips, said individuals in the business and exchange (counting general society) realize that the different imprints containing the word ‘Flake’ agreeably exist together and, along these lines, the said word can’t be cornered.

According to the argument of Tulzapurkar “The offended party (ITC) is likewise mindful that the cigarette business in India is generously constrained by five players, viz. The Plaintiff, the Defendant (Godfrey Phillips), the Golden Tobacco Company, VST, and NTC, every one of which have brand name enrollments for marks containing ‘Flake’.

He also informed that “Respondent’s enrollment application isn’t for the word ‘Flake’ as such however is for ‘Select Flake Premium’.


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