Maybelline’s excellent Marketing strategy which made it the biggest cosmetic brand

Maybelline cosmetic brand
Maybelline offers a wide collection of beauty products to its customers.

Maybelline is one of the largest cosmetic brands with over 10 million followers on its Instagram handle. It rules over its main competitor, Revlon. While companies like Estee Lauder and CoverGirl lag with a combined total of 60,000 followers, Maybelline presently has more than 100,000 followers. The American cosmetic company has its roots throughout the world. This is a product of the L’Oréal cosmetics company in France. Maybelline company was founded by a teenage entrepreneur in 1915.

Maybelline plays in several marketing tactics, such as price strategy, promotion planning, and product innovation. Maybelline’s marketing strategy helps it ace the market competition and strengthen its position. Its remarkable tactics aid in achieving its corporate goals and objectives. Here is a glimpse of Maybelline’s 4Ps of marketing mix.


A range of roughly 2000 products from Maybelline focus on development, style, and colors which is why it’s regarded as a color specialist. Maybelline has categorized its product market. For instance: Its eye makeup category includes a variety of eye products like eyeliner, mascara, eyebrows, etc. It also has a wide range of face, lip, and skin care and several other accessories and makeup tools.

PRICE in Maybelline’s Marketing Mix:

Maybelline has a reputation as a niche brand that has maintained its show typical at standard levels in comparison to rivals, and this has enabled the cosmetics sector as a whole to capture a larger market share. It aims to give open beautifiers to every lady and is directed at the higher and white collar level sector of society. Since Maybelline has envisioned itself as a sophisticated and alluring brand, it includes subjective things, it has been evaluated using a mid-premium methodology.

PLACE in Maybelline’s Marketing Mix:

Maybelline cosmetic brand
Maybelline has tie ups with several shops and markets with high customer concentration.

Instead of directly offering its goods to the consumers, Maybelline ties up with pharmacy shops, supermarkets, malls, and retailers in mass marketplaces to distribute their goods. Maybelline through its official website offers a virtual cosmetic studio that enables customers to try out various items virtually on themselves before making a purchase. Customers may pick from a wide range of products and colors on the website of the Maybelline firm and purchase from online merchants.

PROMOTION in Maybelline’s Marketing Mix:

Maybelline cosmetic brand
Maybelline’s ad campaign featuring the model Gigi Hadid

Maybelline undertakes aggressive expenditure in advertising and brand promotion. It promotes and advertises its brand using every media outlet available such as web, print, and TV commercials. The brand plans several international events, exhibitions, and beauty pageants. Maybelline also attracts customers by offering promotional coupons and discounts.

It provides various value-added services and discounts to its customers to improve its customer retention and reward customer loyalty. Maybelline also launched several campaigns as a part of its brand awareness and promotion such as the #SoBoldSoColossal Campaign and #FitMeAsIAm Campaign. This is how Maybelline became one of the biggest cosmetic brands.

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