MCD & Last Journey unveil crematorium with enhanced deathcare


A state-of-the-art crematorium has been unveiled in South East Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan with the support of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) by Last Journey, India’s largest tech-enabled provider of deathcare and funeral services, in association with FNP Care Charitable Trust, to improve the deathcare infrastructure. With a total capacity of 25 pyres, plus another CNG furnace and two electric furnaces, the area stretches out across 1.5 acres of land. There is a specific burial area for additional funeral customs, an inventory of ‘pooja samagri’ (prayer materials) on-site for use in the religious rituals during the final rites, and a changing area for asthi (ashes).

In response to the launch, Rishabh Jalan, CEO & Co-Founder of Last Journey, said: “We set out with the pure purpose of helping bereaved families by relieving them of the burden of organizing everything so that they may grieve calmly and have time to spend with their loved ones. Due to the epidemic, we have become more aware of the need for a more uniform infrastructure for end-of-life care and a stronger healthcare system. Funeral management has remained mostly unchanged in India today as other sectors see improvement. Our intention with these cremation facilities is to make sure that grieving families go through the most challenging time without any hassles.”

Two further crematoriums are anticipated to open by the end of FY2022, after MoU. To prevent errors, these cremation grounds will have a smart slot allocation system that can be booked both online and offline. To reduce their overall carbon footprint, many crematoriums also place a strong emphasis on sustainable funeral practices like the usage of cow dung pyre logs. The management of water resources, funeral waste, and hygiene will also receive significant attention, and a hearse van service will be provided around the clock.

The Sarai Kale Khan cremation ground is the first location where Last Journey is launching its effort to completely transform the deathcare sector across India. Other locations will follow. As of right now, Last Journey serves both metro and non-metro areas, offering end-to-end deathcare services and making use of a vast network of vendor management to supply uniform services across all geographies. Their additional services will shortly be launched in full across the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. They have also been working worldwide in cooperation with embassies for restitution.

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