Why Ferns N Petals Became FNP?


Change in the brand’s identity is not a novel idea. However, the fact that a 27-year-old brand is doing it raises concerns. There’s no doubt about that. We’re talking about Ferns N Petals, India’s top gifting company, changing its name to FNP, altering the logo, and so on.

One of the oldest floral gifting companies, Ferns N Petals, stands proudly on its own. Flowers were sold in a premium retail shop that was the first to arrange the previously disorganised flower mandis. As the years passed, it rose to the position of becoming the leading flower brand, expanding into the internet realm as well.

Nonetheless, Ferns N Petals expanded their offerings to include cakes, plants, personalised gifts, and chocolates, among other things. A few years ago, cakes as a present category began to account for almost 40% of the company’s income. The transition from a “simply a flower” brand to a multi-category gifting brand has already started with the other categories. In addition, Ferns N Petals is more flowery, therefore a brand name that could be used to any subcategory was a need. A new brand called “FNP” was created to serve as a one-stop shop for all of your gifting requirements.

Repositioning is clearly needed but why replace your company logo? Rather of a bouquet, the new logo has a gift box that conveys the idea of giving. It’s a subtle nod to the fact that FNP is much more than simply a flower shop; it offers a wide range of gifting options to suit every occasion. For the sake of completing the repositioning and rebranding, a new logo was produced to exhibit continuity with the brand concept and vision.

Who are we as a company? We’re more than simply an event-specific brand. Then there’s a brand that celebrates the joy of feeling. Everything that takes place at FNP is influenced by people’s feelings. Furthermore, Anil Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor will serve as the brand’s ambassadors. An almost father-daughter relationship exists between the two of them. Anil and Janhvi Kapoor feature in a FNPs commercial in which they discuss the importance of giving from the heart. Take a look at this TV commercial to discover how FNP has transformed into a modern-day giving brand.

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