Media Monks and Mighty Hive are rebranded as Media. Monks by S4


 S4Capital unifies its brand by combining Media Monks and Mighty Hive into Media. Monks are symbolized by a dynamic logo mark that incorporates Mighty Hive’s distinctive hexagon. The unified brand emphasizes a shared legacy in creative content and roots in data digital while bringing together a workforce of almost 6,000 digital-first specialists operating as a single P&L across 57 talent centers in 33 locations.

Media. Monks, as the operational brand, underpins S4Capital’s agility, digital expertise, and efficiency, and is the next step in delivering on the core promise of unifying content, data and digital media, and technology services. The financial brand, traded on the London Bond in public and used in investors, financial and banking reports, will continue to be the company’s SFOR.L (S4Capital Plc). “It is more than 70 years since the classic analogue holding model dated to Marion Harper and IPG in the 1950s. Digital has permanently transformed the environment, and companies require a novel style of organization, always in a digital fashion, creatively and content based on information, quicker, better, less costly and with just one P&L,” says Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer of S4Capital.”It has gathered together 24 companies each in additional ways to disrupt their business in our mission of building a new era of advertising and marketing services and disturbing old.”

The firm started its organizational structure inspired by the API earlier this year, which is meant to stimulate cooperation and creativity by joining its diverse teams: countries, core, customer, categories, capabilities, and companies. The hexagon, formerly Mighty Hive’s representation, was modified to signify this structure and the six parts it links.

The API is a scalable mechanism that brings together disciplines all around the world to offer Media. Monks’ clients have easy access to subject matter experts, while S4Capital’s ambitious merger strategy and the entrepreneurs who join create ownable space. ” It required involvement from a diverse variety of teams and expertise, as well as several of our founders,” says Media Monks Co-Founder Wesley Ter Haar. “This implies that our workers are all colleagues who can develop fantastic careers throughout the world and keep going and improving.” For our clients, this means keeping the same team and the same day-to-day routine they enjoy—but now having even easier access to an incredibly rich pool of expert talent. It means that our customers maintain the same crew and the day they enjoy, but now have even easier access to a very deep pool. Consolidation is an innovative engine that helps our customers to exhibit better.”

 The API is represented in the new dynamic logo mark, which activates a versatile brand framework in which “media” is a variable. Using a new internal tool called Brand Lab teams within the six operational components may customize and express themselves within the framework. The dot signifies a point of connection between varied talent with varying experiences and knowledge, and it enables freedom of expression through a changeable framework.

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