MeitY declares AI Solution Challenge to showcase innovations of Indian tech startups


The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on Sunday announced an artificial intelligence solution challenge to showcase innovations of Indian tech startups. The new challenge initiated by the government will provide an opportunity to expo their innovative solutions in various departments such as healthcare, education, agriculture, and more.

An AI Solution Challenge is being organised for Indian startups to encourage and showcase such innovative artificial intelligence solutions developed by entrepreneursin the field of Artificial Intelligence by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

The applications will be invited on the Innovate Platform of MyGov and will also be promoted on MeitY Startup Hub and Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog. For the AI Showcase on October 6, 2020, the best fifteen AI startups will be chosen by a jury consist of experts from the industry, academia, and the government. AI challenge is for those startups who provide innovative solutions in the fields of healthcare, education, agriculture, smart mobility, natural language processing and transportation.

The applications will be open for acceptance up to September 24 and the top winners in each group will get a cash award of Rs 20 lakh each.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is also arranging Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020(RAISE 2020), which is a Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence to be held effectively from October 5 to 9, 2020. Specialist’s from industry, academia, and the government from all across the world will be joining in this global summit. This will bring together all stakeholders in the field of AI on one platform.

RAISE 2020 event is being arranged in partnership with industry and this will provide a platform to the best of AI startups to expo their products to the world and to VCs.

In the last few months, COVID-19 has brought to the fore the importance of technologies including AI in labelling the healthcare crisis, enabling online education, restarting supply chains and almost every feature of the economy. Thus this leads to the arising of such a challenge because of digital transformation has accelerated manifold. The government trusts that the AI has the capability to solve many societal challenges and be an arranger for inclusion.


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