Melorra celebrates Raksha Bandhan


When everyone is keen on making the Raksha Bandhan event special, Melorra has also revealed its Raksha Bandhan campaign with the hashtag #CloserWithMelorra, which highlights the bond shared by a brother and a sister.  

The video that the company has released features a brother who can be seen recollecting all the times he spent with his sister and all-time the his sister was there for him, including driving away bullies to egging him on to learn to drive. He is then seen selecting a Melorra product for his elder sister who is now staying far away from him and buys her something from an extensive product catalog available online. In the next scene, the video shows the sister who tries out the home-delivered Melorra jewelry happily that was sent by her brother. This situation very beautifully sums up how any kind of relationship is working out today.  

Speaking about this, Saroja Yeramilli, Founder and CEO of Melorra, said that one of the most prominent challenges that siblings had to face in today’s times is that they do not find time to be physically present with each other. Despite the unconditional love and support for each other, Certain commitments in their lives can make meeting and gifting a challenging task for them. That is the gap they are focusing to fill in at Melorra with their complete range of small, lightweight, and fashionable gold jewelry that can be delivered anywhere in India or abroad regardless of the location it has to be sent. She also said that through this campaign, they wish to tell every brother that Melorra can be something that can help them whenever and wherever they cannot be physically present. She says it is time to let the nostalgia and continue to celebrate the unabated and to feel #CloserWithMelorra. 

some insight into the official page of Mellora: 

“The page says that a sibling is a lens through which you see your childhood. 

Then they ask why are siblings our first friends. 

The connection with our siblings is one of a kind. We look fondly upon the good times shared, but there are also crazy, ruthless fights we have endured. The crusade for the TV remote, never-ending name-calling, the witless taunts, but also the secretly shared ice candies, white lies to having each other’s backs, snickering together at silly jokes at the dinner table, and so on! And nothing says forever quite like jewelry. So, send your sister some love with stylish gold jewelry.” 

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