Melorra launches its new campaign with Shraddha Kapoor


Melorra, India’s fastest growing lightweight fine jewelry brand that crafts affordable jewelry for daily wear, welcomes the Millenial woman to the “Art of 24×7 fashion” this festive season. Actor Shraddha Kapoor who has regaled the audience with her acting ability and fashion sense is featured in the brand’s first-ever TVC! With the arrival of the TVC, the company just flagged off its festive season launch.

Melorra introduces revolutionary lightweight glass jewelry to its customers, which can be shaped to match a specific time of the day. The brand also launches a mini organizer of jewelry to help women stay chic all around the clock and wear their jewelry everywhere they go! The main message in this is that Melorra doesn’t avoid blinding wherever you go, whatever you do!

The TV commercial begins with Shraddha, locks a gold neckpiece in front of a wardrobe mirror. She remembers the numerous obligations she has throughout the day, while her index finger was adorned with an incredible ring of gold. A couple of hanging earrings, a Solitaire, and a chain with a golden waist complete her daytime look at various points and keep her in shape.

Shradha Kapoor said about the association with brand, ‘I am very glad to partner with a brand like Melorra that is vibrant, fashion forward, young and creative.They manage to make gold trendier for women and also added technology,pattern and comfort in the ideal mix. 

Saroja Yeramilli, CEO & Founder, Melorra, said, There are a few things that we keep as a habit in our handbag whenever we go out, be it a lipstick or some other accessories. We would also like to make Melorra jewellery a habit! There is always a Melorra piece in your bag if you go out, to remain trendy 24×7. This is what this year is about for our festive initiative. No matter the time, occasion, setting, or outfit, we want to bring home the message that there is a Melorra piece for every lady. This is also the first time that our TV film starring the stunning and talented Shraddha Kapoor has been released. In her own way, she is a style symbol who is relaxed in her skin, much like the Melorra lady.

Last year, the brand’s campaigns focused on “untraditional” and how the new woman celebrates differently. Melorra constantly tries to do something fresh every festive season. The thinking and premise of this year’s campaign come from the central philosophy of making fine jewelry look trendy every day, and not just during the holiday season.


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