HiPi star hunt: India’s biggest digital auditions


HiPi, the indigenous short video platform for modern generation creators from ZEE5, has introduced ‘HiPi Star Hunt’ in a short video platform, its the first digital auditions from India. To pick aspirants from two of its most famous tentpole originals, Jamai 2.0 Season 2 and Sunflower, HiPi Star Hunt was launched to give everyone who harbours hopes of getting it big in the tinsel town the crucial “big break.” The call for entries was launched by Jamai 2.0-Season 2 chief Ravi Dubey and team Sunflower, emphasising the need to democratise talent in the industry.

Manish Kalra, Senior Vice President & Head of AVOD, ZEE5 India, said that on the release of HiPi Star Hunt, “The nation is jam-packed with the use of a level playing field for entertainment industry candidates.” However, since the surge of short video content, no other player in space has given this major opportunity to indigenous talents.

 For someone who harbours tinsel town aspirations, this is a good opportunity because the trifecta of the large network of ZEE and the success of the shows in question, the association with some of the most reputable industry names, and the discerning taste of the viewers of ZEE5 can come together just to ensure that only the finest are chosen.

Aparna Acharekar, Programming Head, ZEE5 India, said, echoing these sentiments, “HiPi honours people’s stories, stories which are an expression of their imagination.” We are on our way to satisfying the showbiz dreams of India’s young people with the debut of HiPi Star Hunt, who could be big on talent but may not have the requisite means to break into the entertainment industry. For the short video space, it’s the first-ever, not only in India but also globally.

HiPi Star Hunt will not only provide a universally open and trustworthy forum for India’s large pool of talent to showcase their talent but will also offer a rich ecosystem of industry professionals to guide and direct them on their path to stardom. HiPi seeks to redefine content development and curation as a forum. It allows brilliant ideas to express themselves in their local languages with its exciting features, and with its unparalleled scope, allows brands and marketers to reach their customers in the most brand-safe setting.


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