Memes for financial gains – Quote from Kyle Fernandes, CEO & Co-Founder, MemeChat


People all across the world are earning thousands of dollars by trading their memes from years back through NFTs. As this trend has been picking up lately it proves that Memes are quite literally doing magic. E.g. The ‘success kid’ sold his original meme which helped him with his dad’s kidney transplant. Memes have a much bigger impact than anyone could have ever imagined. Similarly, Pakistan’s Asif Rana (Person behind “friendship ended with Mudasir” meme)earned $ 51,530 by trading his meme in the NFT auction. 

Kyle Fernandes, CEO & Co-Founder, MemeChat says “Web 2.0 has given a major boost to the participatory communication model where a consumer at the receiving end is an active participant as they assess the content. One of the most dominant tools has been the usage of Memes. Memes in a very short turnaround time have been successfully proven to be a tool that has not only been a marketers’ best friend but a commodity successfully sold through non-fungible tokens. NFTs are easy to understand, convenient, and profitable. A large number of famous memes, photos, and videos have been sold at lucrative prices by users during NFT auctions. For instance, Zoë Roth, from the well-known ‘disaster girl’ meme, sold its original copy as an NFT worth $500,000 (approx). MemeChat has a vast network of meme users and developers, and we have noted some viral memes that sell for around INR 40 Lakhs in such auctions. People are looking at NFTs as a sort of new way to invest like gold, stocks, or funds. It indeed is a unique concept, but its introduction will definitely encourage a plethora of users to try their hand at trading moving forward.”