#MeraChillScene – Nescafé campaign featuring Disha Patani



Nescafé is a very famous brand that is well known for its coffee. Nescafé coffees are loved by the majority of Indians as well as it’s also famous in foreign countries. This brand was first introduced during the year 1938 in Switzerland. The sole owner of Nescafé brand Nestle by which we can determine that from where Nescafé got its name which is a portmanteau of Nestle and Café.

Nescafé – Friendship day Campaign

The current campaign which is right now running via web-based networking media expects to encourage the Indian coffee lovers to share their #MeraChillScene minutes extending from tasting sundowner Nescafé cold coffee to getting a charge out of a chill short break by reading a novel.

This Friendship Day, Nescafé, and Disha Patani are encouraging the adolescent to chill at home with their ideal chill pal, Nescafé prepared to-drink cold coffee. Earlier Nescafé started launching its ad film from the year 2018 with Disha Patani as their brand ambassador. Their first ad was all about memes, unlike the latest ad which is about Friendship day.

This brand has by and by reminded the young generation to ‘Chill Karo and Phir Start Karo’ (First you chill then you start) through a pleasant video of Patani’s at-home when many places in India are under lockdown #MeraChillScene, the organization informed in a press statement. 

In the video, that will go live on Instagram on Friendship Day, Patani makes the most of her preferred music collection with her confided in amigo for chilling at home, featuring how chilling without anyone else can be made impeccable with Nescafé Latte, Intense and Hazelnut. 

Vineet Singh, director- dairy, Nestlé India, stated, “Mingling and the solace of ‘chilling together’ is the center of companionship. They comprehend that youths might be feeling the loss of this today. This Friendship Day, the company needs to lift their spirits by curating all the fun and cool methods of chilling with their confided in companion, Nescafé Ready-To-Drink.”  According to the statement of Disha Patani, she trusts adolescents wherever are enlivened to chill once more and make their forms of #MeraChillScene this Friendship Day.


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