Mesmerizing Envy collections from Gitanjali


Gitanjali Jewelers launched their emerald collection, Envy in August 2012.

Gold or jewelry has always been a fascination for Indian women (even for men guys!!! I see men now fond of wearing gold chains and other accessories) for years. For some gold is status symbol while for some it is an investment.

But when it comes to diamond or gems or emeralds, all women goes crazy. So what if then branded jewel makers Gitanjali launches an emerald and diamond collection. No doubt almost all of them will have the desire to have one in their jewel collection to boast about. Emerald collection Envy from Gitanjali is one such collection that evokes the sensation of woman to own one of them!!!

The fine quality precious cut on the stone just enhances it beauty and grabs the attention of the women present around the jewelry. The emerald stone is studded very precisely into the chains that take us to the golden era of Mughal, Rajput and Nizam periods.

The designers have played their part perfectly while designing Envy jewels. One look at the collection and you can realize the influence of rich Indian art, craft and culture on the design.  Even though Envy brand is designed for niche segment of consumers, the collection is also available in models where an average upper middle class consumer can afford, but guys beware, there is a chance that your woman would not find them appealing!!!

So female readers…. are you thinking of a visit to nearest Gitanjali showroom.??


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