MGID launches AI鈥檚 DALL路E 2 to generate optimized images and headlines for advertisers

MGID has announced the integration of artificial intelligence or AI technologies into their existing intelligent solution platform.

MGID, one of the leading global advertising platforms have announced the integration of artificial intelligence or AI technologies into their existing intelligent solution platform. This functionality of the platform is set to transform and alter the way advertisers generate and optimize images and headlines and will be launched fully before the end of Q1. The functionality is also undergoing beta testing by MGID鈥檚 creative team to produce client ads.

Using Open AI鈥檚 DALL路E 2, advertisers can develop computer-made digital images through text-based prompts and adjust headlines based on specific and historical data. This level of automation is faster and requires fewer resources. It revolutionizes overall campaign efficiency and effectiveness. When these AI technologies will pair with MGID鈥檚 smart recommendation algorithms and Contextual Intelligence, then they will boost ad performances creating better and more impactful images. Besides, this will enhance user engagement with MGID ads.

The benefits for the advertisers include- the expansion of visual toolkits beyond traditional stock images. This will create more impactful and unique images that elicit a 20 percent higher click-through rate. The advertisers will have supervision and overall control over key details which include angle, hue, style, character, and emotion. Besides this, we have observed that the multiple variations of the same image will facilitate faster and easy AB testing which will identify what resonates with the audience best.

Commenting on this Sergii Denysenko, CEO ( Chief Executive Officer ) at MGID said- It is evident that AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) will play a very significant and crucial role in developing and powering the next stage of truly optimized ad campaigns. Pairing these AI technologies with MGID鈥檚 smart recommendation algorithms and existing contextual intelligence technology is the natural evolution. This integration will develop or create a better experience for advertisers, publishers, as well as audiences. We are quite impressed by its result and capabilities in testing and are very much looking forward to the launch of this integration. We are curious to see how these AI technologies and integration is adopted and embraced by advertisers throughout the year.

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