Helping Publishers Protect Users from Malicious Ads


Malicious advertisements are much more than just offensive or graphic content. They’re whatever the publisher deems inappropriate for their users or a real threat to their devices.

If malvertising, misleading or cloaked ads, or inappropriate content appear in a publisher’s inventory, the publisher’s reputation will be tarnished. Some ads are predatory, while others are downright harmful to users. In any case, it’s best to keep these malicious advertisements from ever reaching the public eye.

MGID takes it upon itself to address the issue of malicious ads, thereby benefiting all parties involved in the ad ecosystem. Here’s how to do it.

MGID takes a multi-pronged approach to combating malicious and inappropriate advertisements. Because brand safety is a continuous process, relying on outdated and simplistic technologies isn’t an option. With advanced technology, custom in-house solutions, and a dedicated moderation team, MGID protects publishers from bad ads.

Ad platforms like MGID benefit from advanced proprietary software like GeoEdge in their fight against malicious ads. GeoEdge, a top-of-the-line security feature, scans every ad creative hosted on the platform for negative or fake ads. MGID adds additional layers of security and protection by performing manual checks on all of the ad creatives it hosts, even though its effectiveness has been proven time and time again.

The platform of MGID is built around safety. The company’s guidelines lay out all of the company’s rules and expectations for acceptable content. This eliminates any opportunity for non-transparent actors to take advantage of the publisher network. Localized, clear, and all-encompassing guidebooks spell out what can. They cannot be distributed over the network, ensuring that low-quality creative materials, misleading information, and deceptive advertising are never distributed. To meet the needs of a global client base, guidelines are updated regularly to reflect real-world changes in both local legislation and the advertising industry.

No matter how advanced technology has become, nothing can replace the watchful eye of moderation teams. MGID’s moderation teams manually review pre-landers, landing pages, and offer pages in addition to ad creatives and copy. After users click on an ad, everything they see and may interact with is subject to moderation review.

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