WOW Life Science celebrates ‘Active’ Fathers spirit – campaign


WOW Life Science is a nature-inspired beauty brand that has been committed to curating safe skin and hair care products for everyone to use. The leading direct-to-consumer (D2C) beauty and wellness company, is celebrating the importance of an active father in their current campaign with a series of heartwarming anecdotes. Raising a child isn’t a game for children. It necessitates not just the presence and support of a father, but also an active role on his part. The film’s persistent strapline, ‘Abhi aya,’ represents dads’ preparedness to satisfy their children’s needs and expectations at whatever time of the day. 

It is all too easy for anyone, not just fathers, to succumb to the pressures of work and lose track of their health. WOW Life Science, a health supplement company, demonstrates the silver lining with three wonderful stories that reflect the value of an active father. The films, which were created by the in-house team, employ the strapline “Abhi aya” to represent fathers’ preparedness to meet their children’s expectations at any time of day. These anecdotes serve as a subtle nudge for fathers of future generations, and they serve as a pleasant reminder of their duty to fathers who have experienced this portion of life’s journey. These slice-of-life tales will make you laugh and remind you of what it’s like to share your youth with your children. 

“As a father, I understand what it takes to keep up with your child’s energy. To be able to share their childhood with them, you must ensure that your health is in good working order. We wanted to take advantage of Father’s Day to not only honor active fathers, but also to encourage the next generation to be healthy, and active, and thus play an active role in their children’s upbringing. It would be wonderful if we could motivate a few men to take better care of their health and be the active father their children have always needed in the future. That, in my opinion, would be the true measure of this modest campaign’s success.” WOW Skin Science’s Chief Operating Officer, Mrunmay Mehta, said.  

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