BrandMusiq creates unique sonic identity


The Himalaya Wellness Company has a new musical identity thanks to BrandMusiq, a global sonic branding firm. The MOGO® (‘musical logo’) and the MOGOSCAPE® (sound palette) of the Himalaya brand were created by BrandMusiq, who are known as pioneers in inventing a unique brand approach to generate a sonic identity. 

One of India’s premier wellness brands, Himalaya Wellness Company, has launched a new equity campaign that encourages consumers of all ages to prioritise health and wellness. Himalaya’s objective of “Wellness in Every Home, Happiness in Every Heart” is brought to life in this campaign. 

Himalaya has spent the last nine decades supporting health and wellbeing, which customers all across the world desire to embrace. Himalaya thinks that if we all focus on our health and wellness, the world will be a better place. The new ad intends to highlight the need for preventive health care for good health and well-being, as well as the transformation in our lifestyles. 

“At Himalaya, we think that wellbeing is the true happiness,” Mr Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Director – Consumer Products Division, Himalaya Wellness Company, said of the ad. This brand film reaffirms our commitment to raising awareness about the importance of wellness in leading a healthy and happy lifestyle. Himalaya has pioneered and produced a wide range of consumer products from head to toe, furthering our aim of Wellness in Every Home, Happiness in Every Heart. The brand’s primary feelings, happiness, care, love, and a sense of serenity and well-being, are beautifully captured and blended in the aural identity.” 

Dipak Marwah, Director of BrandMusiq, explained the strategic framework for the sonic identity creation, saying, “BrandMusiq employed its patented 3-stage approach to building the brand’s sonic identity.” The Himalaya Client and BrandMusiq focused on a few important strategic brand decisions during the first stage, the Brand Discovery process. One, it had a strong Ayurvedic background, and the items were all-natural and pure. Second, it was evidence-based, safe, and effective. Third, it was a forward-thinking brand that combined the best of heritage and contemporary. 

Consumers needed to see it as a caring but a forward-thinking brand. Because of the product usage and sensorial, the brand was to transmit a sense of happiness, love, peace/calm, and feel-good. “Wellness is Happiness,” was the brand essence distilled succinctly. 

The organisation has created acoustic identities that engage with customers on a deeper, more subliminal level by using their tried-and-true process. MasterCard Global, Unilever, HDFC Bank, Vistara Airlines, Zomato, Raymond, Kraft, Nestle, Blue Band, MG Motors, Reliance Petroleum, and many other notable global and Indian brands have had their sonic identities created and managed by BrandMusiq. 

BrandMusiq Labs was recently established to investigate the underlying nature of sound and its impact on humans on an emotional, physiological, and neurological level. It will conduct sound experiments, develop sonic experiences, and have discussions with prominent marketers, sonic branding experts, behavioural scientists, and musicologists. 

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