Mia by Tanishq launches #TheLightInMe festive campaign


Mia by jewelry brand Tanishq launches a brand new festive campaign titled #TheLightInMe, featuring its new brand ambassador Mithila Palkar, as a toast to the light inside every woman. During this festive context, the campaign throws light on the numerous facets of Mia consumers, and the unique ways in which they light up every celebration.

The campaign, #TheLightInMe launched with a music video, which features Mithila Palkar as the sutradhar (and singer) who breaks the 4th wall, directly connecting with viewers and guiding them through the film. The campaign is a contemporary take on festivities which is reflecting how today’s millennials and Gen Z wants to add a personal as well as modern touch to every occasion, together with spreading positivity and joy.

Commenting on the campaign, Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq, stated that as a contemporary fine jewelry brand, they’re speaking to the 25-year-old girl, who glides through festivals effortlessly, combining tradition and modernity, along with bringing her personality to everything she does. She’s someone who cares for the world around her, doesn’t let age or conventional standards of beauty define her, and would do anything for her dearest friends – even the four-legged ones! All these facets and more come through in the campaign, with Mithila Palkar, whose authentic, charming, and spirited personality (and voice!) is infectious. The brand believes that with the campaign #TheLightInMe, their consumer can see herself in the ad film, and could appreciate Mia as the perfect partner that brightens her light even more.

“In this crazy world, your light shines through,” Mithila Palkar chimes, those are reminding people that even though we may be amidst dark times, there’ll always be a light within each of us. Speaking about the experience of working with the brand, Mithila Palkar told that, she is humbled and honored to be the face of Mia; it’s so exciting to represent a brand, whose brand identity is so close to the self, she added.

Speaking on the thought that went behind the film, Mithila Saraf, Business Head, Famous Innovations, stated that there is too much heaviness around them today, in the world as well as in brand communication. Consumers want brands that know how to have fun effortlessly, that speak their language, and just let them be. Jewelry is such a beautiful, expressive category, and with Mia’s unique product proposition (modern, lightweight, versatile pieces), they saw the opportunity to shift the category’s narrative and introduce more life and vibrancy into it, she added.


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