‘Deliciously Everywhere’ campaign by Rebel foods


The world’s largest cloud kitchen company, Rebel Foods announces its partnership with Wunderman Thompson South Asia to launch the first campaign of its dessert brand ‘Sweet Truth’. The ‘Deliciously Everywhere’ campaign proposes the visually appealing and tasty desserts of sweet truth.

The film shows the story of a family who has to relocate cities with their 10-year-old daughter. The kid is unhappy with the relocation leaving all her friends behind. ‘Sweet Truth’ brings back a little joy in her life, a dessert she enjoyed in her recent city.

Nishant Kedia, vice president, brands, Rebel Foods, commented that Rebel Foods has always wanted to make consumer’s satisfaction and make their moments memorable. The idea behind this advertisement aims to know about the relationship between the bitter truths of life and the little joys that Sweet Truth gives back.

The sweet truth is a great place to order desserts and it is especially for bakery products such as Pastries, dessert jars , brownies, and cheesecakes.

About this campaign, Samarth Shrivastava, senior vice president, and executive business director, Wunderman Thompson Mumbai, says that nowadays we are witnessing a lot of cross migrations between cities because of various reasons such as for our job, education, family or any other.

The theme of the film describes that Millennials are moving from metropolitan cities to smaller towns for better career possibilities, lifestyles, and environments. When such shifting happens, adults easily change with their environment. Where in the case for kids it’s a problem, their entire world changes so according to them, it is a  Bitter Truth. In this video, we can see the kid is unhappy because of the relocation. Sometimes life will surprise us in a good or bad way for those tough days, frustrating moments give yourself a break. Sweet truth promise that they will help you with their sweet truth.

In this advertisement, the strategy was to target these young moving couples and their families by promising them a lot will change but your Sweet Truth delicious dessert will be available anywhere. The brand is accessible across 35 cities. Sweet Truth. Deliciously everywhere.


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