Philips new ad campaign for Diwali ‘khushiyon ki ladi’


Ogilvy’s latest Philips digital campaign for Diwali talks about how each of us can start a ‘Khushiyon ki Ladi’.

The challenge was to crack a festive advertisement with the sensitivity of the moment in mind. Most of the world is already in tension due to pandemic and an economic recession. As these have limitations and challenges full-fledged celebrations are not expected. Therefore, in a full-blown way, individuals are not yet able to rejoice.

Philips’ marketing target is to recreate this Diwali’s spirit of celebration and, as a result, revive the need for individuals to make purchases for their home.

As we sat down and thought about our communications plan, we noticed that the power to revive happiness and reinvigorate the economy is in the hands of a single person. Every purchase made, no matter how big or small, will help make the Diwali of someone else. In the sense of India gradually opening up post-lockdown, this becomes particularly important, the company said.

Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy (North), stated, We all expect Diwali to be a little unique this year, but we hope that this contagious festive spirit will still spark. We’ll all celebrate Diwali together in some way or the other. So, we were thinking why this year, we’re not lighting a ladi, a slightly different one, but one that involves everybody.

The concept came from an observation that was basic but important. This will help other families rejoice if one family celebrates Diwali and shops something else for their house, who in turn could help another, and so on. The significance is that this Khushiyon ki Ladi, a ladi that quietly but surely spreads joy from one home to another, can spark off any one person. To meet the ladi, and let’s all play our role in making everyone happy with this Diwali.

The movement breaks with a digital film warming the heart that brings this ‘Khushiyon Ki Ladi’ to life. It shows how this Diwali-all caused by one single purchase-will flow down from one family to another with joy and prosperity. In addition to the film, the campaign spreads to other platforms, such as Instagram storeys, carousels, print and point-of-sale.


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