Micromax, Intex claim the second place in Indian smartphone arena


The Indian smartphone manufacturers Micromax and Intex are challenging for the second position in the lucrative Indian smartphone arena. In fact, this market is the fastest growing market in the world after the Chinese market. This fight between the two manufacturers shows the strength of the battle for the buyers and the impulsive nature of the country’s market.

Right now, Intex is the third largest smartphone vendors in the country as per the third party data. The manufacturer has raced past the dominant one Micromax in the months of July and August. This shows that it is the second largest smartphone seller in the country in the third quarter ending this month. This way, Intex is the largest local vendor in the country.

Eventually, this will upset Micromax that enjoyed this position uninterruptedly for over two years. However, Micromax has trashed the claims of Intex stating that such data should not be trusted and it has claimed to have a significant lead in comparison to Intex. Despite claiming so, Micromax has not shared the numbers.

The report was by Cybex Exim Solutions, a company that tracks the analytics and import data. As per the report, the imports and local manufacturing totaling to the shipments of Intex in the months of July and August is 61.24 lakh units. The same of Micromax is 50.34 lakh units only. Eventually, the report has indicated that Intex outpaced Micromax in this time period. Moreover, an official working with Intex has stated that the vendor will maintain the trend even in September and come out as a second largest firm in the market.

However, Micromax’s CEO, Vineet Taneja has rejected the data. He has stated that it cannot be trusted to be accurate. He stated that shipment data is unclear as there are several SKD (Semi-Knocked Down) units in the pipeline and these are fully working smartphones in the factories.

As per an inside information, Micromax is ahead of Intex in terms of shipments in the same period of July and August this year with 64.5 lakh units. Even the research firm Counterpoint Research has backed the claims of Micromax. The only point to be noted is that the gap between the two manufacturers has narrowed down by almost 50 percent in the current quarter in comparison to the previous one.

Intex managed to lure more customers by dominating in the sub Rs 5,000 priced smartphones. In fact, Intex is not even one among the top five manufacturers in the previous months.



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