Microsoft Excel’s new feature: Will it help the users to manage finance?


Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Excel and this feature is aimed at helping the users to manage the finance. The new “Money in Excel” feature has been developed for Microsoft 365 personal and family subscribers currently the new feature is available for users in the U.S However, it is expected to expand to other countries shortly. ‘Money in Excel’ a new feature in Excel is primarily a new template additionally developed for the excel users. This template helps the users to securely connect to the bank account, Credit card, investment, and loan accounts in Excel. A report will be automatically generated regarding the transaction and other account information into a spreadsheet. Microsoft 365, Product marketing manager Arjun Tomar said that if we are a current Microsoft 365 personal or a subscriber there are no further restrictions, can simply go to the link, and download the template.

Instructions for usage:                                 

To use this template first of all the user need to select it, then the user is bound to follow the instructions to connect to the respective account by using a third party. It should be supported by plaid. This platform supports almost the majority of the U.S financial institutions. After the checking process, the spreadsheet will be generated, containing all the significant information including the transaction history. Once the financial account is connected the transaction information will be automatic to the excel template. This helps the users to save time because Excel does it for you with no time said in a statement by Microsoft. The user will be able to take and save the copy of the workbook and can update the sheet whenever required. Microsoft states that the ‘Money in Excel’ feature will help the users to keep track of the expenses and also helps to set the financial goal easily. The graphical representation of the data would provide a visual insight into the spending habits of the user. Once the app is updated it will give notification regarding the recent hikes in the subscription fees and bank charges.


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