MK Professional Usa And Hair Expert Savio John Pereira Get Into A Strategic Partnership

MK Professional Usa And Hair Expert Savio John Pereira Get Into A Strategic Partnership

National, September 27, 2023: In today’s fast-paced and high-energy
lifestyle, maintaining a flawless appearance from head to toe has become the
standard. While clothing and footwear can endure for extended periods with the
right care, our hair often loses its luster and vitality over time, subjected to
relentless heat and styling abuse. To address this issue, MK Professionals USA
has joined forces with Savio John Pereira’s SJP Salon to introduce the
remarkable BONT-X treatment, a revolutionary hair botox solution designed to
revitalize stressed-out hair and cultivate smooth, healthy strands.
Crafted with a blend of premium ingredients, including caviar oil, amino acids,
natural proteins, rice protein, shea butter, praxaci oil, argan oil, and the star
component, Bont-L-Peptide, this treatment offers deep hydration, repairs
damage, and rejuvenates your hair, providing it with the tender loving care it
truly deserves.
It’s important to note that the BONT-X treatment sets itself apart from
conventional smoothing treatments like Keratin or Cysteine. Unlike these
options, it not only enhances volume but also has the capability to restore your
hair’s natural curls or waves, while also achieving a sleek, straight look if
desired. Furthermore, this eco-conscious treatment prioritizes the well-being of
both hairstylists and customers by completely excluding formaldehyde and its
derivatives from all its products.
Savio John Pereira of SJP Salons expressed his enthusiasm about this
partnership, stating, “We have always aimed to offer the most advanced and
effective hair solutions to our valued patrons. Our collaboration with MK

Professionals has allowed us to cater to those who wish to embrace their hair’s
innate texture. The versatility of this treatment, whether it’s for straight or
natural hair, has pleasantly surprised our customers.”
Rajesh D’Souza, Director of MK Professionals, shared insights into this
innovative product, remarking, “Hair Botox has taken the world by storm, but we
wanted to elevate this procedure to new heights. MK Professionals has a rich
history in pioneering hair restoration treatments, and we take immense pride in
introducing BONT-X, a product tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs.”
BONT-X is now available at all SJP salons in Mumbai, garnering attention for its
promise to rejuvenate hair damaged by heat, pollution, and chemical