Mobile Internet Penetration leads to Re-marketing!


Mobile internet is catching up fast. The number of people who connect to internet from mobile is increasing even in tier 2 cities in India. Affordable smartphones like the recently launched Motorola Moto E could increase mobile internet penetration even in affluent rural segments. Targeted advertising is proven to bring in more conversions and better RoI for brands and advertisers.

Mobile as a media offers unique attributes like reach and measurability. There is also an increase in commercial transactions on mobile which the ecommerce retailers can take advantage of by resorting to re-marketing. It is not something new, even Amazon recommending books to visitors based on their previous usage behavior is also a form of re-marketing. Almost all the leading online retailers like eBay, Myntha and Zovi are now deploying platforms to track the users who have visited their stores from mobile devices to recommend them with relevant offers and ads.

Mobile Operators would also like to use this opportunity to gain a share of advertising revenue, by providing such a capability to brands and advertisers on their own rather than leaving it to players like Komli media. Flytxt partners with Mobile Operators to provide such capabilities to brands to connect to consumers directly. With operators a part of the ecosystem, re-marketing platforms can bring in more in-depth consumers data like demographic, handset, location etc in addition to the browsing data to do re-marketing more effectively.

Let us see how re-marketing trend shapes up and how players in mobile advertising ecosystem make use of this opportunity to connect to consumers better and generate more business too.


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