Mobile Marketing needs new thinking and outward-looking mindset


The e4m Screenage Mobile Marketing Virtual Conference witnessed panel sessions, keynote sessions, and speaker sessions by prominent mobile and digital marketing experts on their second day. The ordered topics are centered on how the increasing of mobile adoption has become crucial for brand marketers to create an effective engagement to their customers and their carefully chosen revolutionary steps in the industry.

Niraj Ruparel, Head of Mobile and Emerging Tech of GroupM India, and Thomas Barta the author and former partner of Mckinsey conducted a chat session for the final session for the day. They pointed out the importance of taking risks and innovation in mobile marketing in their fireside chat session. GroupM’s, Ruparel asked Barta about the main idea that portrays his book ‘The 12 Power of Marketing Leaders’. Barta said that when he became McKinsey’s partner to CEO’s how marketing works was also the time he started leading mobile marketing which was his specialty. When we see people who are marketers and non-marketers in the boardroom, we get to see people who are not engaged in marketing being quite smart in earning budgets. So he thought they should bring this conference and ideas to the marketing industry and that was the reason why he quit and started to do research on how and what it takes for marketers to have more influence and also impact.

Ruparel said that he came into a statement that marketers are now unable to convince the people about the ideation and innovation internally. Barta added that people in marketing have many great and fascinating ideas but the problem is that they see themselves as marketers, not business leaders. He remarked that people who have business mindsets are the ones who can start an interesting conversation. He believed that this should be the aim that marketers should take broader responsibilities for the business ad thus they can explain the ideas that their colleagues bring to them in a different style. At last, Ruparel shared that in his long journey of being a part of mobile marketing he saw that at first, it started with SMS and voice-based marketing then over the years he moved on to fancy banners, rich media creators, and more. He concluded that if marketers don’t innovate no one else will take that step. He also said it is also the legacy that we should leave behind and the impact we have imprinted on consumers.     


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