Moj Reinvents the Joy of Authenticity with Its Latest Brand Film, #MojPeHiMojHai

Moj Brand Film
Moj Reinvents the Joy of Authenticity with Its Latest Brand Film, #MojPeHiMojHai

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Mumbai, 21st September 2023: Moj, India’s largest short video platform, has unveiled a new brand film that positions the platform as the ultimate destination for authentic content that celebrates joyful moments of one’s everyday life. With Moj, users can express their true selves, share their unique perspectives, and showcase what brings them the most happiness. The brand film, titled #MojPeHiMojHai, perfectly encapsulates Moj’s identity as the go-to hub for current, yet genuine and relatable daily content, brimming with joy, fun, and enthusiasm.

The film unfolds the journey of a young woman who feels a rush of energy as she scrolls through the Moj App. The narrative guides us through a sequence of enjoyable and cheerful scenarios, immersing the young woman in the diverse content available on Moj. Whether it’s a spirited dance video, a serene beach getaway, the thrill of playing street cricket, or the excitement of trying out a new recipe, the app immerses her in relatable content that elicits feelings of joy and exhilaration.

Announcing the launch of the brand film, Mousumi Mishra, Head of Consumer Marketing for ShareChat & Moj, said, “Seeking relief from the ‘flex culture’ and endless scrolling of perfectly curated content, our young consumers today are looking for authentic content that reflects their world. Moj has been the platform of choice for India’s youth serving them a variety of content which is relatable to their distinct personalities and is served to them as per what their individual idea of a joyful moment is. Everyone can find their unique idea of happiness reflected on Moj, across content of different genres – dance, music, comedy, cooking, films, astrology – and it is this emotion that is perfectly reflected in the film.” 

In order to enhance the relatability and appeal of its content, Moj consistently introduces captivating in-app activities that actively involve users through entertaining hashtag challenges. These initiatives encompass campaigns like #AsliMoj, encouraging users to freely share what genuinely brings them joy through their content without concerns about judgment. These challenges are enriched with interactive elements like virtual gifting, live sessions, and creator battles, making the experience even more engaging.

The brand film, produced by Schbang, has been launched in four languages, namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.