Mojang Updates “Minecraft” in VR for players


One of the bestselling video games of all time is undoubted “MINECRAFT”. This sandbox video game was developed by Mojang Studios and had a public alpha release in 2009. Back then it has been ported to distinct platforms and created a massive hit of sales accounts to 200 million copies. It has set its footprint a decade ago but still it enjoys 126 million users as of 2020. An intriguing thing is that no one can access this game in the Virtual Reality platform.

Minecraft players can enjoy their popular game using PSVR headset in the Virtual Reality platform. The new version of the game is open to all from September 2020 and it is completely a freebie. (Free Download). PlayStation has tweeted about this updated version in its page with a caption “Minecraft comes to #PSVR tomorrow!” Mojang while talking about the new feature assures that it is cent percent exact replica of the Minecraft game but the experience part is smartly enhanced with Virtual Reality technology.

Elucidation thrown about third-party tools are not clarified so far. To experience the whole virtual environment one needs to have a PSVR headset and a DualShock 4 Controller. Once everything is set just update the game into your PlayStation4 console. No more waiting! Just hop into the virtual world of your favorite Minecraft game. The new version treats users with dual modes in gaming. One can choose between Living Room node and Immersive mode. The highlights of the living room mode are that it allows you to experience the Virtual environment in your own space itself. Living room space will be utilized for the game projection. On the other hand, in the Immersive mode, the player will be shifted inside the virtual world. The player has the privilege to roam anywhere within the virtual environment.

Dated back in October 2019, the Augmented reality of the game has been released. Mojang launched its Augmented reality version of the game “Minecraft Earth”. Augmented Reality integrates real-world objects with real-time information. Similarly, the AR allows the players to construct their Minecraft creatures that are built on the real world.

A few more exciting kinds of stuff are lined up after the release of PSVR support, On October 3, during the Minecraft Live event, the announcements are expected to be made officially. More probably related to Minecraft Earth and Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft is a decade-old game, still able to manage the huge fan following and simultaneously upgrading itself in all viable ways with the help of technology.