“Match start, Bingo! start” the latest campaign from Bingo


Bingo is a snack that offers potato chips and flour-based chips in a variety of different shapes and flavors, it has four major offerings: yumitos, mad angles, tedhe medhe, and tangles, which come in various flavors. Snacking makes every moment more interesting, and cricket fans love to watch their match along with their favorite snacks. Bingo! brings a new campaign that captures the snack’s association with match time in a fun and creative way. The campaign will be released across various television channels and digital media.

Bingo gained 25% of the market share by offering more quantity at the same price, as it’s competitors are offering and that’s how bingo gained popularity in the market. Bingo also uses core strategy, in making it’s packaging attractive to gain customer attraction and to outstanding the competitors in the market

In India most of the people are cricket fans, cricket is a game that brings people together, the spirit of the viewers are still high, where they watch on a television screen or phones.

Bingo has launched a new campaign named “Match start, Bingo! start”. the viewers come to sit back relax and enjoy and cheer for their teams, keeping aside all their schedule’s and Bingo suggests that having their snacks, will give joy to the viewers while watching their favorite sport.

The campaign promotes the idea that while everyone is busy watching the match, having a Bingo would be enjoyable, the campaign is broadcasted on digital media platforms and television.

The spokesperson of ITC foods commented on the campaign, “Cricket in India is an extravaganza that takes people together to love and appreciate an entertaining game from all walks of life. At Bingo, their emphasis is to keep the fun and quirk alive in the lives of customers. They hope that fans and consumers can love the line-up of enlivening and fun-filled contact that Bingo has in store for the upcoming cricket season.

Fans will witness the celebration of cricket differently this year, where their homes will turn into a virtual stadium and more people will witness every moment of the match. The campaign aims to remind them of the lip-smacking experience they can enjoy without missing out on their spirits, snacks, or enjoyment inside the healthy walls of their houses.