CEAT signs Aamir Khan as new brand ambassador


Nobody wants to take a test, particularly if it means life and death. In a high-end pneumatic research centre, this is what happens when a dummy comes into life and thinks that it’s not for him. Meet test dummy Aamir Khan, the brand-new ambassador of CEAT Tyres. In the IPL 2020, it will be used in two commercials.

The Ogilvy Advertisement is an ad for the CEAT SecuraDrive line of luxury car tyres. Its excellent stability at high-speed bends and accurate braking make it one of the best car tyres. That’s also why the test dummy Khan chooses to ride in a car with these tires, because when ‘baat safety ki hai, don’t be a dummy.’

Amit Tolani, Chief Marketing Officer, CEAT Tyres Ltd, said, “We at CEAT have always believed in our mission of making mobility safer and smarter every day.” The announcement of our latest campaign is the same for our luxury sedans and small SUVs. The core concept is to stress the importance of using credible, safe and robust tyres, as opposed to the use of some ‘dummy’ tyres.

We are very happy to have Aamir Khan on board for this initiative, as he completely represents CEAT  core values of honesty, passion, excellence and progress. With one of the strongest players in the market, associating with one of the strongest tyres in its category, we think we have a good mix at hand. IPL (Indian Premier League) is an excellent way for us to interact with our clients since it is one of India’s most highly viewed activities with a huge audience.

Rohit Dubey, Group Creative Director, O&M, said, “On a normal day, CEAT is attempting to expand the tyre promotional envelope, so when it came to Super Bowl of India-IPL, the brand set the bar higher for itself. Disruption, with the CEAT brand-name language-in-cheek approach, has led us to work with Aamir Khan.

” The key question was, what newness are we going to create for him? And then, the ‘paranoid, crash test model.’ Aware of the complexity of COVID production, we scripted it in such a way that it doesn’t require an audience scene and kept it in place. We hope ‘baat security ki hai, don’t be a dummy’ hits the customer’s chord and stands out in a crowd of IPL spots.


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