MS Dhoni as ‘Bijness Bhai’ in GoDaddy’s new ads


The well-trusted domain registrar and web hosting company, GoDaddy, launched a mega advertisement campaign featuring its current brand ambassador and cricket icon MS Dhoni. Speaking about the ad campaign, Nikhil Arora, managing director, GoDaddy India, stated that the exact plan of the company is to use the power of brand Dhoni to go deeper into smaller markets.

During the second phase of its marketing campaign in India, GoDaddy has portrayed Dhoni once again as ‘Bijness Bhai’, who plays the role of a business advisor. Dhoni will be seen as encouraging small business owners and entrepreneurs to get a domain name to complete their online business setup. The ad is conceptualized by Tilt Brand Solutions and the two ad films will run in seven Indian languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, and Telugu, to cut across geographies. Thus the campaign will penetrate every single market in which the company could get potential customers.

The latest marketing strategy of GoDaddy is to enhance the confidence of entrepreneurs, especially the small and medium-scale entrepreneurs, and encourage them to have a strong digital presence and identity. Arora told that they aim to help small business owners to build integrated online solutions. While one commercial talks about the need to get a website to take the business online, the other focuses on the need for a domain name. Both are narrated quirkily, he added. The new ad campaign is highly effective in this current situation. Due to the pandemic, most of the small business owners were forced to go for doing their business online, but due to the lack of information they were in dilemma for going online, but now the ad campaign by GoDaddy is giving clear cut information regarding the benefits of doing online business through an official website.

The company is utilizing the power of the IPL and brand Dhoni by running these commercials on TV and digital channels. Arora told that for a brand like GoDaddy, the IPL is a perfect place to create awareness about the ease and affordability of coming online. It also cuts across demographics and helps them to resonate with a larger audience, he added.


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