Khatabook latest campaign features MS Dhoni


The pandemic has tossed in a realm of difficulties for brands and advertisers and this will keep ongoing. Though IPL is a great platform for the advertisers yet a ton appears to have faced challenges like lockdown restrictions, ad production difficulties due to virus spread. And a very few brands were able to gain popularity during the pandemic. Indian fintech startup Khatabook is one of the brands which came up with a remarkable ad featuring Mahendra Singh Dhoni in three never observed symbols to convey three remarkable highlights of the brand.

Khatabook is one of the partner patrons of IPL 2020. In the promotions, Dhoni is seen pulling off various characters from Sharmile Sharmaji to Techno Tawde in the campaign and exhibiting particular highlights of the Khatabook.

Samit Sinha, Managing Partner, Alchemist Brand Consulting gives the credit to Khatabook for the campaign, particularly the choice to give MS Dhoni the role. This unforeseen move enables the brand to stand apart amid the cluster of celebrity endorsement cliches. It likewise features the multifaceted ability of Dhoni as he gets an opportunity to exhibit his acting slashes by easily slipping into the part of playing another character. The fearless move by the brand and it pays off well.

Khatabook, a Hindi word is an account book for small and medium organizations. The business application enables entrepreneurs to check their accounts digitally.

Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO, Mirum India feels this is a decent endeavor to break the cluster and get visible. “Certainly Dhoni appears in a different avatar, and the contents are interesting.

Earlier this March, MS Dhoni had invested heavily in this startup and is also the brand ambassador for the company.

Jagdish Acharya, Founder-Creative Head, states that Khatabook’s campaign is bundled like savvy and whacky escapades however are demo films. Inventively they just score by grabbing your eye. Nonetheless, this is reason served for this phase as KB is a differentiated product targeting a sharply defined segment.”

Priya Gurnani, Senior Creative Director Publicis Mumbai also feels that it is a decent useful ad for KB. She includes, “The promotion would have worked without Dhoni as well. It’s the concept of a new payment method and in an innovative way. Anything new is always attractive.”


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