CEAT Tyres Launches GoSafe S95 Face Masks in India


These strange occasions have prompted to remarkable improvements as far as brands are concerned about. There is a hand wash maker Lifebuoy, which is demanding the utilization of ‘any’ hand wash in a promotion for its product. At that point, liquor brand Diageo utilized its plants to deliver sanitizers. Riding on the current wave, tire producer CEAT has now entered into personal protective equipment (PPE) business.

Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino, regularly known by the shortening CEAT, presented GoSafe S95 face cover as a piece of its recently launched sub-brand ‘CEAT GoSafe’ not long ago. The GoSafe S95 masks having imposing six-layer filter protection.

The deepest layer is made of delicate antibacterial texture. The following three layers give microbe protection and comprise of little molecule filters for additional safety. The air mesh in the furthest layer filters particles and contaminants. The movable nose cut makes them breathable and sprinkle/droplet resistant, guaranteeing security and comfort.

The Mumbai-headquartered brand’s CMO Amit Tolani stated that the launch of the GoSafe range is a piece of CEAT’s responsibility towards its motto – Safety First. The goal of foraying into the matter of PPE, he says to plug the lack of protected and reliable products, similar to masks, particularly when the nation is fighting the Coronavirus danger.

The masks are made for everybody– be it bikers, housewives, kids, and even the older. It arrives in a multi-utility fabric pack, which can be utilized to store your mask or individual gadgets. Valued at Rs 249, these anti-pollution S95 masks can be washed and reused up to multiple times. They are accessible across CEAT Shoppes (exclusive branded stores), and on driving e-commerce sites, for example, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Seniority, and some more

 Tolani about the effect of deadly COVID-19 pandemic on tire business, “There has been a huge effect, even for the tire business, and we saw a slump in sales in April.”

“Because of the diverse range of automobiles we take into account in the replacement market, and with the easing off during lockdown in many pieces of India, we accept we have had the option to hold over the emergency time frame, and the demand curve would be more extreme from this time forward,” he included.


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