Tata Motors, Paytm and CEAT Partner for customer loyalty programs


On Thursday,India’s largest automobile manufacturer Tata Motors unveiled its association with CEAT, the tyre manufacturing firm and Paytm, the mobile payment platform. From now on, Paytm and CEAT become the new partners of Tata Motors and they are a part of the Tata Motors Loyalty Programs including Tata Emperor and Tata Delight.

The Tata Delight and Tata Emperor Loyalty programs are designed to provide loyalty advantages to their members from different product segments such as Small Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Intermediate Commercial Vehicles, Intermediate Commercial Vehicles and Light Commercial Vehicles. This partnership will let the customers accumulate their loyalty points and redeem them on the purchase of a new CEAT tyre, transactions on Paytm, Tata’s offerings and other loyalty program partners.

Notably, in addition to this new partnership with Paytm and CEAT, Tata Motors has also updated its Customer Loyalty Programs. This includes significant updating of both the programs – Tata Delight and Tata Emperor, stated an official statement from the automobile manufacturer.

The updates include disability and accidental death cover of Rs 2.45 lakh, an increase of Rs 20,000, educational scholarships worth Rs 40 lakh and expansion of Bharat Petroleum and Tata Motors partnership up to Rs 5,500 outlets of Bharat Petroleum to the loyalty program members.

The collaborations with Tata Motors are a welcome step to these firms CEAT and Paytm. Regarding this partnership, R Ramakrishnan, the Senior Vice President of Commercial – CVBU stated that those at the automobile manufacturer Tata Motors constantly attempt to delight and entice their customers. The firm’s Customer Loyalty Program is claimed to be a step further in the journey.

The executive further stated that it is inspiring to see CEAT and Paytm both come forward and collaborate with Tata Motors in its journey. Both the new partners of the country’s leading automobile manufacturer are known for their ability to set pretty high standards of customer satisfaction. As a team, the three firms are believed to go far beyond the expectations of the customers.



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