Swayam’s campaign highlights different forms of domestic violence amid COVID-19.


The #StopDomesticViolence campaign highlights various forms of domestic violence and emphasizes that men who abuse come from all socio-economic backgrounds. It underlines that there are men who may brilliantly present themselves as publicly high minded and as responsible citizens, but have a vastly different personality at home towards family members.

Swayam, a Kolkata based NGO released their ‘#StopDomesticViolence’ campaign in June, conceptualized by Rediffusion emphasizing different forms of domestic violence during the lockdown episodes. In fact, the domestic violence rate has increased ever since the shutdown. So the police have now extended their support to the cause of the campaign. The posters will soon be displayed across all the seventy-nine Police stations under the jurisdiction.

The final campaign was launched on Swayam and Rediffusion’s social media platforms, in three languages, Hindi, English, and Bangla between June 9 and 11.

“Domestic violence is a deep-rooted structural issue in our society caused due to patriarchy and gender inequality. This prevents women from leading a life free from violence and dignity. Through this campaign Swayam hopes to involve individuals, corporates, and institutions to support the #StopDomesticViolenceCampaign and help raise awareness around domestic violence” said Amrita Das Gupta, Associate Director, Swayam.

Niranjan Dasgupta, executive vice president and Piyash Ghosh, executive creative director, Rediffusion, says “During Covid-19 shutdown, reports of domestic violence increased by 20-70 percent across the world”. The National Commission for Women reported a two-times increase in the domestic violence incidences reporting in India.

The lockdown has hugely increased the incidence rate and also the intensity of violence faced by numerous women and girls. They face violence both in their parental and matrimonial homes, as they are shut in with their abusers 24×7. The campaign was started with the hope that they will help us raise awareness about the gloomy pandemic and help survivors of violence to reach out for support.

Swayam witnessed an increase in the domestic violence complaints which has gone up from an average of 22 complaints each month before the coming of COVID-19 to an average of 57 complaints per month on their emails and through telephones. Presently there are nine functional helpline numbers, which started with three when the lockdown was imposed on March 25. 


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