OYO and Unilever’s partnership to create a cleaner and hygienic stay for you


Considering the people’s concern to create a cleaner environment around them, OYO and Unilever two of the most loved brands in India have come up together and partnered to bring the new initiative ‘sanitized stay’ among their customers. This initiative can be seen as the need of the hour as the pandemic is hitting around.  Unilever will provide products from its portfolio of hygiene and sanitation brands to help OYO create a cleaner and hygienic stay for customers.

With the hygienic standards increasing day by day Unilever’s R&D department will be working with OYO to launch new products to maximize the positive effect of their products. OYO’s booking pages will be showing display tags to show that Unilever’s products are used in their services for cleaning. OYO customers and cleaning staff will be provided with hygiene kits including products from Lifebuoy, Domex, Sunlight, and Cif. This partnership which is beginning in India will also go a global level with expansion to counties Indonesia, Vietnam, the US, LATAM, and Europe.

For implementing this “OYO sanitized stay” the following procedures will be implemented:

  • Disinfecting and deep cleaning areas that come mostly in contact with guests like remote controllers, switch, doorknobs, bathroom, etc.
  • Keeping hand hygienic products on all major areas where customer traffic is very high like entrance and exit.
  • Cleaning common areas regularly at least four times a day.
  • All the hotel staff will be provided with personal protective items to ensure that there is no spread of any disease. Face masks and gloves will be the primary and compulsory items that the staff will have to wear. Housekeeping staff will also be wearing protective gear while cleaning.
  • Housekeeping staff will be cleaning only when the guests are not in the hotel.
  • Laundry and linen will be dealt with after keeping in mind high safety standards and best practices.
  • In the room, dining will be considered as the best practice.

OYO has started welcoming guests in multiple states from June 8 and this ‘sanitized stay’ initiative by OYO hotels and rooms and global consumer goods come Unilever is expected confidence in traveling and staying outside their own homes. 


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