Oyo’s new digital campaign says ‘Fir Badhega India!’


After amid lockdown people are slowly and gradually returning to normal life. Travel bans are relaxed across the country. Shops are opening with certain restrictions by taking into account the safety of people.   By understanding this, OYO has come out with one month campaign ‘‘Fir Badhega India’. The campaign aims to build trust among people towards OYO and it highlights sanitized stays. OYO has taken precautionary measures to maintain standard hygiene, cleanliness, and minimal touch standard operating procedures.

The video portraits a heartwarming Indian touch where an old man was struggling to open the shutter of his shop by seeing this a young man helped him to open the shutter. Without wasting a minute the young man rush to his work. Throughout the video, they showcased that they had taken safety precautions. This film was to give the people a glimpse of OYO’s safety precautions which is carried out by their staff in each and every action. This film was created by OYO’s in-house brand team and the video was uploaded to the brand’s social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and OTT. Mayur Hola, head of OYO hotel rooms, said, “Living responsibly, maintaining adequate distance, offering safe, sanitized experiences is par for the course today. It is the responsibility of each individual and business”. He also stated that they want to be optimistic and not antiseptic. It’s our then the India rise again.

Before the Fir Badhega India’ campaign, there was another campaign known as OYO- Raho Mast ‘. The mission of the campaign is to provide its customers with the best hospitals, standards, and comfortable stay worth the money. He also added that they will eliminate the hassle that comes along with the hotel bookings. This portraits that OYO has been taking care of customer satisfaction and safety. Whatever the situation be OYO has its own technique to retain its customers ensuring their safety and security. They had also helped their business partners to open up, clean, and sanitize. They also ensure to keep the tag in all the booking sites of OYO regarding their safety measures.


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