SBI General Insurance unveils a new brand identity: “Suraksha Aur Bharosa Dono”


SBI General Insurance has declared the dispatch of its new corporate brand character with an updated logo and the motto. The character change happens just when the association has completed a time of assignments and is overhauling in its administration contributions to suit all customers.

The new visual personality is intended to pass on SBIG’s future- prepared services to an evolving consumer comprising of conventionalist and innovator. The conventionalist clients are the individuals who worth loyalty, value for money, and trustworthiness, while innovator search for adaptability and future preparation,” the company stated in an announcement.

“The whole logo speaks to swipeable buttons to sign the advanced digital age and through the use of gradient, future-readiness is indicated. In addition, inspired by the parent brand’s SBI Yono, SBIG has used the purple color or shading for showing youthfulness, wisdom, and dedication. Parent name – SBI – is retained, which keeps on fortifying trust and security. The word ‘general’ is in lowercase to speak inconsistency”.

In the slogan, ‘Suraksha and Bharosa dono’ – ‘Suraksha’ (assurance) re-establishes SBI General Insurance’s guarantee to clients to secure them in the times of need. ‘Bharosa’ (trust) speaks to the confidence; clients have in the parent brand, SBI.

Pushan Mahapatra, MD & CEO of SBI General Insurance stated that, “They invest wholeheartedly in having the parentage of SBI and in reality; it is their advantage to carry forward the solid inheritance of trust and security.

Shefali Khalsa, Head – Brand & Corporate Communications of SBI General Insurance stated that “SBI General as a brand has gigantic liking and resonance to trust. The last Dec19, SBIG finished a time of catering this trust and insurance solutions to its customers. This new identity dispatched is the new symbol of SBIG, so to state SBIG 2.0 Version. The new brand identity and the ‘swipe’ in the logo is a component which resounds the new advanced methodology. While holding the inheritance of our brand’s parentage, the new look and feel of the brand are to pass on our advancement and availability in this computerized age.”


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