Mom’s special ringtone from Sunfeast Mom’s Magic


Everyone gets several phone calls each day. However, we attempt in no way to omit critical calls.

We do love our mothers, but out of all calls we get, we turn out to miss most of the calls from our mom, probably saying that we will call her again anytime.

A survey was carried out through Sunfeast Mom’s Magic, ITC’s top-rate cookie brand, to apprehend this behavior/insight. According to the survey, almost 90% of people ignore their mothers’ calls at a minimum of one time, a week.

Many times, while we have been both at work or outdoor with pals, we ended up missing out on mom’s calls.

Actress Kareena Kapoor, a mom of herself, lends her aid to the brand’s#NoMoreMissedCallsFromMom initiative by urging everybody to now no longer allow their mothers’ calls to move unanswered.   

The brand has launched a video wherein it has requested people to share their tales about the kind of phone calls they obtain in a day. The film displays that humans hardly ever neglect a call from their boss, pals, or their partner.

And then, it was asked ‘How regularly do you answer your mom’s phone call?’

The individuals played a short clip of their mothers, wherein the mothers who their sentiments of why they prefer to live in contact with their kids and the way they sense if the phone call is going unanswered.

The video film ends with an answer in the form of Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Ringtone that may be set in opposition to their mom’s contact. If anybody’s phone rings with this particular ringtone, others could comprehend that it is a phone call from their Mom and may inspire them to take up that call.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Ali Harris Shere, Chief Operating Officer, Biscuits & Cakes Cluster, Foods Division, ITC Limited said that Mothers are an irreplaceable component of our lives and even then, a majority of people are not able to prioritize her for a running day/ week.

While many make efforts to maintain contact with their partners, pals, and colleagues, they occasionally fail to consider phone calls from their Moms. A brief communication with a mom can ease her worries and offer the peace of mind that she needs.

She also stated that with this #NoMoreMissedCallsFromMom marketing campaign, Sunfeast hopes to create better attention to this problem and inspire humans to answer/ go back to their mom’s call. 

Celebrity moms Soni Razdan and Bhavna Panday have lent their guide to the marketing campaign via social media, by way of means placing out brief videos sharing a moms’ perspective.

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