What makes an embarrassment on Vim? Beco’s new ad campaign takes up


In its latest ad marketing campaign for its kind of domestic care and cleansing merchandise, Beco , a D2C home, kitchen, and personal care brand, takes a dig at HUL’s Vim Dishwash itineraries.

It functions as an advertisement inside an advert with ‘Vimla ka Humla’ – a funny take at the dish wash bar’s ‘Power of 100 lemons’ advertisement.

This marketing campaign, designed and created by ad agency- Atom Network, portrays Beco’s new brand ambassador, Dia Mirza, a Bollywood actress, and environmental conservationist.

Being her first main marketing campaign for Beco ever done, that this approaches on board because of the new face of the brand and an investor earlier this month. Through the dig on this famous dishwashing liquid, the marketing campaign targets to deliver that those products sold off the shelves are dangerous for the environment, and additionally affects our health and fitness.

It urges customers to modify Beco’s green and chemical-free forms of domestic cleaners, laundry liquids and wipes, that are made with no dangerous chemical compounds.

Lead in the marketing of Beco, Akanksha Gupta, said that the homecare class is not familiar with any such innovation for the 20 years, that too one which includes the sustainable space.

However, the truth of the matter is that solutions created using the FMCG brands years ago, have not been reinvented and, therefore, are main bad consumptions, she added.

Being India’s first herbal homecare brand, they need to alternate and are converting the way people purchase those products. Positioning Beco in an exceedingly captivating, smooth to grasp, and impactful fashion, they’re bringing within the tons-wanted disruption.

This marketing campaign is simply the start of an extra consumer-focused, data-led, and creative-era interspersed brand that we’re within the technique of building.

 The 50-second ad-film emphasizes that although maximum over-the-counter cleaners ease the homes, the excessive degrees of poisonous and carcinogenic chemical compounds found in them pose a fitness risk.

The integrated marketing campaign begins with a series of teasers followed by some short ad films, starring Dia Mirza.

These will tell us about chemical substances left in our dishes after cleansing them with normal dishwashing detergent and also the way they contain harmful carcinogenic substances.

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